Rajasthan, India Art and Craft

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The Heritage of Arts and Crafts

Few states in India can boast of cradling exquisite arts and crafts. Rajasthan is one such state that has not only nurtured but contributed in the field of art and crafts. One attraction for the travelers coming to the state is possessing some exclusive souvenirs of Rajasthan. The sharp and keen interest of Rajputs has enriched the tradition of art and craft in the state. Their knack of artistry has boosted up the legacy of arts. Give them any apparently insignificant stuff – wood, stone, textile, glass, brass, clay leather, resin – and the outcome is fabulous once the material is transmuted into a piece of art by the artisans.

Historical Traces

The legendary lands of Rajasthan have seen inception and grooming of some extraordinary traditions in arts. The convention of arts and crafts blossomed to their fullest as far as 2nd- 1st centuries B.C. And since then it has been adopted and adapted according to the times. There are many evidences to prove the fact that the state is rich in crafts and had been systematized by institutions. The sculptures from Baroli, Hadoti have intensified it. Also corroborating this, are the cave paintings, terracotta and other stone sculptures excavated from various archaeological sites. With each turning page of history, the hidden truths come to the forefront. The rulers of Mewar were a great patron and connoisseurs of arts and crafts. Their obsession of adorning their surroundings is manifested in the way their forts, palaces and mansions are done. Equally charming were the styles they decorated themselves. Men or women, young or old, all were desirous of looking good and decorating oneself.

Indigenous Arts and Crafts of Rajasthan

The state abounds in lovely handicrafts and commemoration of elegance is quite obviously evident in its traditional forms of arts. The contemporary artisans cater to the interests of domestic and international visitors. A number of Foreign travelers frequent the place and so the artistic excellence is superb. There are Performing Art and Non – Performing art forms in the state. The tribal groups have their own set of such arts like ghoomar kalbaleia dance acts. The people have interest in folk music also and thereby no occasion goes without dance and music.

Apart from performing arts, the non performing arts have their strong hold on Rajasthanis. Their craftsmanship is reflected through enameled jewelery, the wooden and ivory carved figurines, the marble and metal work, stone work, lac work, work glass, sandalwood work, the chic fabrics and embroidered costumes.